What’s Right for YOU?

Our personal trainers listen to YOUR needs and create personalised programs to
get YOU the results YOU want.

No Contracts

You aren’t looking into long term expensive commitments because there are no contracts.
“Lets Do This”


Our personal trainers listen to your needs to create personalised programs to get you the results you want.
“Lets Do this”

No Crowds

With 24/7 Access you can work out when you want on the latest equipment everything is designed to suite your personal needs.
“Lets Do this”

It's about Health

Our trainers work hard at improving programs, using the latest scientific techniques to help you operate at your best.
“Lets Do this”

All The Right Things

Marmion Beach Fitness caters for families,
from beginners new to the gym, through to advanced
aspiring body builders, competition training & models

Our Personal Trainers are experienced and dedicated to YOU,
with qualifications at the forefront of exercise technology.

Catch up with us at the Gym to get a clear and concise representation of how a professionally
designed, and personalised exercise program will benefit you.

We’ll book you a consultation with one of our amazing personal trainers.

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