Recently one of our members at Marmion Beach Fitness asked, can dehydration make you fat ?

We suggested, sometimes when we are thirsty we eat food rather than drink water.

This may cause unnecessary weight gain, especially for a inactive person. When your body is dehydrated, just a little bit, often it won’t tell you with a dry throat or mouth, but rather with a feeling of being hungry.

Can Dehydration Make You Fat

When questioning, can dehydration make you fat ?

Here’s the thing, if you just ate a sufficient meal not too long ago, how can you really need to eat again?

To know if you need water or food, next time you are hungry when you have already ate a meal, drink a couple glasses of pure water. If the hunger pangs subside you’ll know you just needed to feed the body some water.

The body needs at least 2 to 3 litres of water a day, and drinking more than that will keep you from feeling hungry. Not only that, but it will also help you eliminate more toxins from your body.

Can Dehydration Make You Fat

Eventually your body will stop telling you it’s hungry because you are maintaining hydration throughout the day.
When you drink enough water throughout the day you are feeding the tissues and cells in your body and that gets the enzymatic system moving, which actually releases fat toxins out of the body! Now isn’t that good news?

Re hydrating the body through pure water gets your metabolism running in full balance rather than being slow and sluggish, which is a cause of weight gain.

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